About Us

Feudals Living History Group was formed in February 1998 by a group of experienced re-enactors to portray life in Britain from the Feudal period of 1135 to 1216, spanning the reigns of four kings – Stephen, Henry II, Richard I and John.

The term ‘Feudal’ describes the system of government used in Western Europe during the high Medieval Age.  At a basic level, the peasant population ‘rented’ the land from their local lord and were obligated to carry out service in return.

In recreating many aspects of life in the 12th Century, we show an authentic campsite with cooking over an open fire, along with the demonstration of various crafts and skills  that would have been used during this period. Some of our tents are open to view how people of the high medieval period may have lived whilst on the move.  In suitable locations (such as Skipton Castle and Caldicot Castle), we have furnished and inhabited rooms, bringing colour and life back to the sites.

Wherever possible, we can give displays of both archery and combat. Our archers are skilled with the longbow and with the crossbow. You can see what effect arrows and crossbow bolts would have on mail armour and, at suitable locations, witness our working replica ballista (siege engine) in action. Hand to hand combat with the sword and other weapons of the time also forms part of our display and visitors to our events can see the kind of training which went into honing the skills of the combatant knights and men at arms.

For further details, please look at the additional pages on the site and for any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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