What kind of group is Feudals?

We’re a small, friendly group of history enthusiasts with members of all ages.  We are very relaxed in our approach; although we view authenticity as important, we would like our members to enjoy themselves (reenactment is a hobby, after all). We keep everything as authentic as possible in the day, living in tents and cooking authentic food . Then in the evening (weather permitting), we usually enjoy a non-authentic meal, drinks and each other’s company around the campfire.

What period do you represent?

Feudals recreate the high Medieval period in England during the 12th century, specifically the years 1135 to 1216 – the reigns of Stephen, Henry II, Richard and John. This is an important and eventful period of history including a major and protracted civil war, three crusades, the murder of Becket, the imprisonment and ransoming of King Richard, the first Barons’ War and Magna Carta.

Do you give displays of combat?

Our knights and men-at-arms do give sword training demonstrations in small groups, with replica weapons appropriate for the time.  Where possible, we also give displays of archery and our siege engine (the ballista).

Under the supervision of members of the group, the public can handle weapons and try on the armour.

Where are Feudals based and where do you hold your events?

Our members live all over the country, from Monmouth to Canterbury and from Southampton to Leeds, so we have no central base. Members travel to events, which are usually held at historical venues such as castles, manor houses or other appropriate sites. There are also opportunities to appear at events in Europe (including Germany and Denmark) and we have very close links with IG Wolf e.V. a German group who recreate the same period in history.

What costume would I need and where do I find out what it should look like?

In general terms, linen underwear and a woollen tunic or dress is required for the lower classes. We have plenty of information available on suitable costume, detailing the appropriate materials, patterns and designs for everything from shoes to hats.

I don’t know much about this period – is this a problem if I want to join Feudals?

Initially, no. The most important thing is that you like history and you’re interested in learning more.

Members always find that they pick up knowledge of the time as they attend events.  However, if you find yourself being asked a question by a member of the public that you do not know the answer to, an experienced member will always be happy to help you out.