Feudals are looking for new members. If you think that you would like to join, please contact us at:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for new members who are interested in the high medieval period and would enjoy dressing in period costume. We re-enact many aspects of 12th Century life and would welcome experienced and inexperienced people to come and join us. On-site, we live in period tents and cook our food over open fires; there are roles for children and adults alike (we have several family groups within the membership). If you have a craft or skill suitable for the 12th-century, then we would encourage you to show this to the public using authentic methods and tools.

You can be whoever you want to be within the context of 12th-century society: a knight, a monk, a nun, a lady, a peasant, a bowyer, a cook, or any other vocation appropriate to the time as long as you have the correct kit. We normally advise starting out as a peasant while you gather your kit together and learn more about the time period.

Although our standards are very high for authenticity, we help new members to achieve this level through loans of equipment and information from years of research.

If you are considering joining Feudals you may have questions about aspects of what we do. If so, then take a look at our FAQ section or please email us on the link above.

New to Reenactment? 

If you’ve never reenacted before, you may have a few questions about what it’s like, and what kind of group we are.

Please check out our FAQs, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to drop us a message on Facebook or email us at