What we offer

Feudals offer a wide variety of different displays at events*, some of which are listed below:


 An archery range for our members to demonstrate shooting (where space is available).

Bow-making, arrow-making and fletching.

Archery talks on the history of the longbow.

Ballista seige engine (on request).

Crafts and Fashion

The full spectrum of medieval life from peasants to royalty.

Fashion talk or ‘dressing’ display.

Dyeing, carding wool, spinning, weaving, braiding, lucetting, and embroidery.


A full display of weapons and armour.

Demonstrations of sword training in small groups.  ‘dressing the knight’ talk.

‘Arming the knight’ talk.

Period cooking

Butter making, grinding flour with our quern stones, bread baking with our portable bread oven.

Cooking medieval recipes over an open fire with seasonal produce.

Medieval food talk.

We are a living history focused group, who love to engage with the public and make the space feel ‘lived in’ – whether that’s a field or a castle.

We can tailor our shows to correspond with specific dates and events relevant to the site in question e.g. Magna Carta and raising the ransom for Richard.

*Please note that activities may vary for each event depending upon the availability of the groups members who have the relevant skills and equipment.